Teenager Offers to Carry Man’s Groceries in Exchange for Food-Gets $300,000 Instead

After a simple good deed, one teenage life is changed forever.

Memphis, Tennessee was home to Matt White and Chauncy Black. The two originally met when 16-year-old Chauncy politely offered to carry Mr. White’s groceries to the car in exchange for a few doughnuts he had just bought. The deal was made. The “straight A student” had no idea what was in store for him.

Chauncy Black's life was changed forever by the acts of complete strangers

Chauncy Black’s life was changed forever by the acts of complete strangers

The pair connected in a brief conversation after Chauncy mentioned future plans to start his own landscaping company. Mr. White also learned the teen had no real bed and usually slept on the floor in his mother’s modest home. After listening to the young man describe his tough living situation, he immediately admired Chauncy’s positive attitude and willingness to work.

Matt, the good samaritan that changed a teenager’s life for good.

Impressed by the young boy’s life story, Mr. White racked his brain for a way to recognize Chauncy’s good deed. The good samaritan (remembering the teen’s future goal) thought some money to purchase a lawn mower would be a good place to start. He then created a GoFundMe page in Chauncy’s honor. Neither was prepared for the love and support the young man would receive.


“I started by asking for $250 to get Chauncy a lawn mower… never in my wildest dreams did I think something like this would happen,” Mr. White said.

The community responded with donations totaling over a quarter of a million dollars, $341,976 to be exact. The Black family was in shock and moved to tears by the kind thoughts and generous contributions. Chauncy and his mother used the funds to leave their depressing living situation and checked into a hotel.


The family’s end goal? To move from the dangerous neighborhood they were once robbed in. Their dream isn’t far from reach.

See the inspiring story unfold in the clip below.

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