Teenage Grandson Surprises Favorite Grandpa with Luxury Car He Could Never Afford

Grandpa “Pop Pop” always dreamed of owning a Mercedes. He never suspected his grandson would be the one to make it a reality.

Carol Streams, Illinois was home to the loving Hasson family. As a tight-knit midwest group, they frequently gathered to celebrate life’s special occasions. This time, it was Olivia Cardone’s birthday, Pop Pop’s granddaughter.


At the party, the girl’s brother announced there was a surprise in the driveway everyone needed to see. The grandpa assumed it was a present for Olivia and gladly made the trip outside. The entire family waited to see the grandfather’s reaction.

Once everyone had gathered on the gravel driveway, Pop Pop’s grandson pulled the cover off a carmel-colored, vintage Mercedes. It was the exact luxury car his grandfather had always wanted.

The sweet old man still didn’t know the present was for him. Pop Pop’s family finally let him in on the secret, telling him he’s the new owner of the sports car.



“Oh really?” Pop Pop responded. The beloved grand father is brought to tears after realizing his teenage grandson was the one responsible. Needless to say, he didn’t waste much time and quickly took his new wheels for a test drive.

See the moment the adorable old man get the car he’s always wanted in the recording below.

Source: Daily Mail