Teen is Shot and Killed, Family Receives a Letter from Him 14 Years Later

In 2002, Aaron Vickers was a teenager in California when he was killed in a drive by shooting. The then 19 year old boy was going to be a father very soon, wanted to be a rapper, and he was even expected to play in the NFL. It was a tragedy to his family, and they still continue to mourn the loss of him 14 years ago.

As of right now, his murder is yet unsolved.


Earlier this year, Daryl Hutchins found out that Aaron had died. He was a teacher of Aaron in high school, and still had an assignment that he had turned in, over a decade later. He then used Facebook to find Vickers’ family, and mailed the letter to the family. It was a letter that Aaron had written to himself, written by hand in blue and black ink. The letter was promised to be sent to them 10 years later, as a way to reflect. The four page letter got to his family near the day that he died, which was too much of a coincidence for them to believe.


His family believes that they received the letter when they did as Vickers’ way of saying he’s ok, and that he’s proud and glad that they kept his son healthy and happy. His mother and sister were overjoyed to read his letter to himself, and even happier to share it with his son, who is now 13 years old.


Mr. Hutchins was given a tearful thank you from the Vickers family, but he claims he was just doing his job. He has more letters to send out, with 318 former students he is tracking down to send the letters, as he promised them 10 years ago.

If that’s not serious dedication, I’m not sure what is! And what a wonderful glimpse into his father’s life and mindset for Aaron’s son teenage son, who was tragically given the life of being unable to meet his father.

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