Teen ‘Horse Whisperer’ Saves Horses in A Barn Using Only This

During a peaceful summer night, the Martin family was abruptly awakened by a horrific seen outside their bedroom windows. With only seconds to respond, teenage Macon Martin stepped in as the unlikely hero, rescuing lives and preserving his family’s livelihood.

Shannon Martin always had a dream to build a ranch and care for prized horses, the animals closest to her heart. Creating Classic City Clydesdales with the help of her her teenage son, Macon, the woman and her husband, Mark, did just that.

Heading to bed early, 16-year-old Macon was awoken in his sleep by a loud noise coming from outside. Looking through his window, the teen laid eyes on a devastating site. 

The Martin family's ranch located in Georgia

The barn housing their prized Clydesdale horses was entirely engulfed in thunderous flames. Clouds of smoke practically poured from every crook and cranny.

Realizing the horses were trapped inside, Macon rushed out the door in a desperate attempt to save the precious animals. Focused entirely on the dire situation, the kid forgot to throw on a pair of shoes! Even so, he continued to run through rocks, dirt, and glass.

Of the three dozen horses barricaded inside were a three-week-old foal, her mother, and another prized horse due nearly ready to give birth herself. Shannon and her husband both responded soon after.

“It shook the whole house…One minute I am in bed. The next minute I am standing up next to the bed trying to figure out what bomb went off,” said Shannon.

One of many prized Clydesdale horses on the family's ranch

The teenage boy successfully unlocked the barn doors and instructed his parents to push the horses through the back. It was their best shot at survival.

In the end, the threesome pulled off a heroic rescue! Thankfully, the Martin Family Ranch was still home to 36 beautiful horses. According to Shannon, the fire was simply a minor setback. As a family, the Martins refused to admit defeat

“It will take some time to rebuild,” Shannon says. “[But] this was a dream. We saved and built it brick by brick. We’ll start over.”

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Courtesy: USA Today