Teen ‘Horse Whisperer’ Saves Horses in A Barn Using Only This

During a peaceful summer night, the Martin family was abruptly awakened by a horrific seen outside their bedroom windows. With only seconds to respond, teenage Macon Martin stepped in as the unlikely hero to rescue the family’s livelihood.

Shannon Martin always had a dream to build a ranch and care for the animals closest to her heart: prized horses. Right outside Oconee County, Georgia, Shannon and her husband, Mark, created Classic City Clydesdales. With the help of their teenage son, Macon, the Martin family housed, fed, and cared for countless beautiful horses.

The Martin family’s ranch located in Georgia.

One night, the entire dream they had built, as well as their future, was at stake. After going to bed early, 16 year-old Macon awakes from a loud unrecognizable sound coming from outside. Looking outside, he noticed the barn, holding their prized Clydesdales, was engulfed in thunderous flames. Clouds of smoke was pouring from every crack.


Macon, knowing the horses were trapped inside, rushes out the door in an attempt to save them. The teenager has no other concern in his mind besides saving his precious animals. He even forgets shoes, running through rocks, dirt, and glass.

Barricaded inside are over three dozen horses including a three week old foal, her mother, and another prized horse due with a baby soon. Shannon and her husband both responded soon after.

“It shook the whole house…One minute I am in bed. The next minute I am standing up next to the bed trying to figure out what bomb went off,” said Shannon.

The teenage boy successfully unlocks the doors and instructs his parents to push the horses through the back, the best route for survival.

One of many prized Clydsdale horses on the family's ranch

One of many prized Clydsdale horses on the family’s ranch

The family was able to rescue the most important elements of the ranch: the three dozen horses barricaded inside.

Even though they are forced to rebuild, the Martin family isn’t discouraged. Shannon reminds everyone who has heard her story this will not keep them from living their dream.

“It will take some time to rebuild,” Shannon says. “This was a dream. We saved and built it brick by brick. We’ll have to start over.”

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Courtesy: 12 USA Today