Teacher Writes Sweet, Inspirational Messages On 5th Graders’ Desks To Give Them Confidence Before Taking A Test

Mrs. Langford is the type of teacher students, parents, faculty, and even the class pets adore. Caring for her pupils inside and outside the school walls, the teacher reminded her nervous 5th graders the scheduled state testing wasn’t anything to worry about. She even wrote notes to remind them, right on their desks.


As the 5th grade teacher of Evergreen Avenue Elementary, Mrs. Langford had adequately prepared her class for the upcoming, somewhat controversial standardized tests. The portion up next? Writing. This section featured almost no multiple choice, true or false, or short-answer questions. It was simply paragraphs and pages of handwriting.

When Mrs. Langford heard the kids weren’t feeling as confident as she thought they should be, she set out to change their minds.


Writing in dry-erase marker, the 5th grade teacher spelled out encouraging notes and confidence building messages right on the surface of the students’ desks. She even thoughtfully included a couple of snacks, two powdered donuts.

Mrs. Langford adopted the concept of a ‘growth mindset’ in her classroom. She regularly tried to instill in her students the importance of ‘giving it your best shot, every time.’

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“…they’re worth so much more than just a test grade,” Mrs. Langford explained.

“I want my kids to know that I appreciate them and that I believe they can achieve anything they want to,” Langford said. “And for me, it doesn’t matter if they don’t do well or even if they fail — as long as they were trying their hardest, learn from their mistakes and do better in the future.”


So far, she’s doing a great job. Mrs. Langford became an online sensation after the school posted photos that were shared over 19,000 times in a matter of hours! Her efforts have been praised by her class, by administrators, and parents alike.

The new idea #growthmindset appeared everywhere and took first place as the students’ favorite term. Oh, and before we forget, the 5th graders did great on the tests!


Source: ABC News