Teacher Catches Two Kindergarten Students During Naptime- This Shot Is Too Cute

Most kindergarteners would throw a fit after simply hearing the word ‘nap.’ For these two little girls, that wasn’t the case.

Olivia Ellis walked around her classroom, waking her kindergarten class from nap time. When she turned the corner, her heart melted. Two of her students, both 6-years-old, were still fast asleep, holding each other’s hands.


The Presbyterian Day School employee couldn’t resist snapping a photo of the adorable girls who had instantly “become best friends in her class.” Lucy Harris Jackson and Samiyah Moore shared an instant connection.

The girls played with only each other during recess and absolutely insisted on sitting next to one another. Partnering for in-class assignments and completing homework as a team, the 6-year-olds were practically inseparable.


Ms. Ellis was absolutely inspired by the best friends and hopes the sweet photo will be ‘a good influence for others.’

“We try to teach them to love one another,” Ellis said. “We’re all the same… We’re all one. Our skin color doesn’t matter, and we’re trying to break that barrier.”

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Source: Fox News