Target Employee Documents First Week of Work and It’s Beyond Hilarious

Working at a retail store has its positives and negatives. One employee shared both with the world after hilariously documenting his first week on the job.


After he happily accepted a position at one of the nation’s largest retail stores, one young man went on to break the internet. Tumblr user, “kimpossibooty,” hilariously documented the daily  happenings of his first work week at Target.

He provides detailed ‘snippets’ of the real-life moments he’s confronted with. They are too funny. His fifth day duties? Helping an “octogenarian pick out lingerie at 9 AM” which was “too early for these images.”

As his work week progresses, the retail employee makes sure to include helpful life lessons he’s learned along the way..AKA: “forgetting” to scan coupons given by rude customers. The stories honestly couldn’t get any more hysterical.

Needless to say, his first five days are filled with various instances of weirdness, embarrassment, and confusion. Trust me, once you start reading, you won’t be disappointed.

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