Sweet Premature Baby Shows Us All How to Thankful to be Alive with a Joyful Smile

Premature babies can sometimes be terrifying for parents. There are so many things that could go wrong, and there is still so much unknown. Many premature babies end up having to stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for a few days up to even a few months.

So it’s always great to see an encouraging story of premature babies, or just babies in general, really. Who doesn’t love babies?!

Lauren Vinje was showing signs of potential preeclampsia whence was only 28 weeks pregnant. This is a complication seen in some pregnant women who are experiencing or have experienced high blood pressure. Although her baby was not born then, she was delivered 6 weeks later by an emergency C-section, at only 34 weeks pregnant, after a very frustrating and painful birthing process.

Any baby born before 37 weeks of gestation is considered a “pre-term” birth by the CDC.

Freya then had to spend a few weeks in the NICU, and it was a very stressful time for her parents. At 5 days old, she weighed only 3 lbs and 4 ounces, but she was already showing signs of having a wonderfully beautiful personality. Just look at this picture that has made her famous!


Lauren reports that her daughter does indeed have this same bubbly personality, and she is always happy and so friendly. She apparently will say hi to everyone, and her mother reports the she truly is the best thing that has happened to her family since she was born in 2014. Lauren has told people that Freya was smiling so widely because she was just “happy to be alive.”

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