Sweet Little Boy Keeps Asking for Two Lunches – Until Mom Realizes Extra’s Not for Him

Young Dylan Duran, of Albuquerque, New Mexico had an odd request for his mother – to pack him two lunches. He has been requesting this since the beginning of the school year. At first, his mother assumed what we all would, that he was just still hungry after finishing his first lunch. But alas, that was not the case.

Dylan was packing a lunch for one of his friends. When his mother found out, she was so touched that she kept doing it, wanting Dylan’s young friend to be able to eat. Apparently, the poor child couldn’t afford anything more for lunch than a single fruit cup unless Dylan brought him some food.

Eventually, this event came to the attention of the school. The school then called Dylan’s mom, Josette Duran. They told her that Dylan’s friend had a mother who had recently lost her job and they were living in a shelter. His mom simply didn’t have enough money for his lunch.

This really hit home for Josette, who had been a homeless single mother not too long before. She and Dylan had been living in her car, and she had been giving him baths in whatever bathroom she could find. They didn’t have food then either.

When the school called Josette to come into the principal’s office, she really had no idea what to expect. There was no way she could be getting into trouble for simply packing the boy a lunch… right?

Of course not. The young boy’s mother was also sitting in the principal’s office, and had requested to meet the wonder woman who had been feeding her son when she couldn’t. She had recently gotten a job, and asked the principal to set up a meeting so that she could offer to pay Josette back. As sweet as that was, Josette refused the woman’s money, but decided that wasn’t quite enough.

Josette coaches the volleyball team, and decided it was time to try and attack the issue first hand. So she and the volleyball team raised $400 and paid off all of the young student’s lunchroom debts, so that they were all caught up and the young children could eat.

What an awesome act of charity!

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