Surgeon Cheers Up Patient Recovering From Surgery with Impromtu Guitar Serenade

One doctor goes beyond the use of medicine to heal a young patient after surgery.

After major intestine surgery, Kaylee Peebles was feeling a little under the weather. The 17-year-old Michigan native suffered from Chrone’s Disease and desperately needed some cheering up. Her doctor stepped in to grant his patient’s only request.


The 17-year-old surgery patient couldn't believe a surgeon would take time out of his day simply to sig her a song

Dr. Michael Leinwand, Kaylee’s surgeon, had a reputation as a “stand up guy.” The doctor was completing his daily rounds and stopped by to check on his patient after the major surgery. The man asked if he could make the teenager any more comfortable. He offered to bring her games, candy, a soda, the usual offers. Kaylee had something else in mind.


“…How about you sing me a song?” she asked. The young girl had made the request as a lighthearted joke. She was extremely surprised to see her surgeon return prepared with a guitar in his hand.

After he offered a quick disclaimer explaining he’s “no guitarist,” Dr. Leinwand broke into song. He proceeded to serenade the young woman, playing ‘Closer to Fine’ by the Indigo Girls. Kaylee was over the moon. She couldn’t believe such a busy surgeon would pause his busy schedule simply to give her an impromptu guitar performance.


“I was speechless. He put a smile on my face.” Kaylee said. “I was super tired and I was in pain, and it made my day. It made my whole week.”

Watch the hunky doctor’s performance in the heartfelt video Kaylee made sure to film!

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