Sunny the Horse Saved by This Young Girl Who Instantly Felt a Connection

Kelsey and her mother were driving down a road on their way to a flea market in Illinois when they spotted something strange on the side of the highway. There was a horse laying down and eating grass! Usually when Kelsey and her mother went to the flea market, they took a different route, but for some reason they decided to take the back roads-route for a change of scenery.

As soon as Kelsey looked at the horse, she knew that she needed to save him. She was starved – ribs showing, hair falling out, whip marks, a swollen eye, and overall in very poor health. But it was still love at first sight. Kelsey knew that she needed help, and the coincidence couldn’t have been more fate-like.

Kelsey quickly told her mother to stop the car, and she jumped out and went to talk to the horse. She tried to convince the horse to get in the trailer that they were hauling, but it refused. It just wasn’t comfortable enough to get into the trailer. That’s when Kelsey decided to try and lead it it to her house, which was 9 miles away! The horse was so tired and malnourished that she couldn’t make the walk very quickly – she collapsed on the ground and had to take many breaks. It took a little over 4 hours to walk the 9 miles to Kelsey’s house.

Kelsey named the horse Sunny, and she refused to leave the horse’s side. She was desperate to spend what could easily be Sunny’s last moments with her, so Sunny wouldn’t be alone in case she did die. Kelsey even slept in the barn! The horse that looked like she had a great chance of dying made an incredible transformation with Kelsey’s love, devotion, and wonderful care. You’ll never believe what Sunny looks like now! She’s a happy and beautiful horse, all thanks to Kelsey!

Photo: Facebook