This Stray Dog Saved Her Life, So She Flew 6,000 Miles to Repay The Favor

What could have been a deadly attack turned into a rescue story thanks to a four-legged pup.

Georgia Bradley, a college student at Plymouth University, was more than excited to travel abroad for a much needed vacation. Her destination? The Mediterranean island of Crete.

Georgia Bradley would leave with more than a fresh suntan

Georgia Bradley would leave with more than a fresh suntan

The college student packed her bags, boarded the 14-hour flight, and arrived at her dream destination. Little did she know, two dangerous men had other plans for her.


After arriving in Crete, Georgia made sure her first stop was the beach. She rushed to enjoy a long, relaxing walk in the warm, white sand.

Her originally soothing stroll was interrupted by two Greek men. They soon realized she was an English girl and invited her to go for a drink at a bar nearby. Georgia politely declined their offer but the two men didn’t care for her answer of “no.” The situation escalated and quickly became violent.

” … one of them grabbed me on the arm and I didn’t know what was going to happen,” Georgia remembered. 

Pepper, an abandoned stray pup, came to the young woman's rescue just in the nick of time

Pepper, an abandoned stray pup, came to the young woman’s rescue just in the nick of time

Just as Georgia began to suspect the worst, a small black pup, appeared out of thin air. The dog quickly assessed the situation and noticed the young woman was in danger. Sensing the men’s aggressive attitude, the four-legged friend adopted a similar demeanor and started barking loudly at the men.

Luckily, the attackers were shaken enough to run away. Georgia was safe and sound even though adrenaline was still pumping through her veins. The stray pup, eventually named Pepper, followed the woman all the way home to guard her from further danger.


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The college student was deeply touched by Pepper’s rescue. It sparked an immediate bond between the two who were inseparable the rest of her trip. The young girl noticed no one seemed to miss the pup. She simply wandered down town with a look of abandonment on her face.

Pretty much every evening we saw her outside the bars and restaurants, trying to get the attention of the tourists,” she said. 

Georgia was determined to find Pepper a home before the end of her trip. She frantically started to call local shelters, pleading with the employees to take the loving dog. Every single one of her attempts failed. Finally, it was time to board the familiar 14-hour flight. The memory that followed was beyond devastating.

Georgia says, “When we left to go to the airport, we looked back and Pepper was running after the car. It was heartbreaking.”


The young woman couldn’t bare the separation from Pepper.

“…I couldn’t stop thinking about her…I took the soonest flight back out that I could, two weeks later.”

Countless hours of traveling and thousands of dollars later, Georgia had finally brought Pepper back home. But their journey wasn’t over yet! The biggest surprise of all? Pepper gave birth to six puppies!


Even though she got more than she bargained for, Georgia wouldn’t change a thing.

“It has ben such a crazy journey,” the new mom said, “But I am over the moon.”

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