Strangers Return Long Lost Doll to Deployed Soldier’s 2-Year-Old Son

Strangers restore faith in humanity after going above and beyond to reunite a little boy with his doll.

At a small town gas station in South Central Illinois, one man noticed what looked like a child’s toy sitting abandoned on top of the pumps. The doll’s camouflage print and army tag anklet hinted the toy was something extra special.


“A customer came in carrying a doll and told me he’d found it at the pumps and told me I ought to put it behind the counter in case someone came looking for it,” said Kim Lane, the convenience store cashier.

She knew instantly this wasn’t just a regular old doll. Once she squeezed the toy’s chest, she heard a recorded message that made her heart smile.

“Hey buddy, it’s Dada. I miss you and I love you,” the doll said.

The young woman knew it belonged to a military family. She also knew she wanted to be the one to return it to them. Reaching out through Facebook, Kim posted a picture of the doll online along with the address of the gas station it was found at.

She never expected the outrageous response she would get. Hundreds of thousands of likes, comments, and shares later, Kim caught the break she needed.

“I looked back through the messages and actually spoke to the grandmother of the little boy,” Kim said.


As it turned out, Grayson was the 2-year-old boy that accidentally left the doll stranded. Before his father deployed to Iraq, he created the toy for his son, complete with a picture and a voice recording. Grayson’s mother, Ashley, was in disbelief at the complete stranger’s good deed.

“… it feels great that so many people are standing behind my husband and military people,” Ashley said. “It’s amazing to see…the world come together for something seemingly so small.”

Kim packed up the missing doll along with a few other goodies and sent the package on its way to 2-year-old Grayson.

She ended the experience by saying she was “honored to be a part of it.”

“We appreciate everything,” Kim said. “…and want to do what we can to help.”

See the boy and his beloved doll find each other after a stranger’s help.

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