Stranger Surprises Pregnant Mom with $750 to Bring Irish Parents to America

One waiter was given the “tip of his life” that turned into a trip home.

Ben Millar couldn’t keep the news to himself. Expecting a baby with girlfriend Taryn Keith, the Irish waiter practically told everyone. That happened to include one generous customer.


Upon noticing his server’s accent, the guest questioned where the young man was from. Ben answered with, ‘Ireland,’ adding he was expecting a ‘half Irish’ baby. In simple small talk, Ben also revealed, “I wish I could go back…to visit my family.”


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The soon-to-be dad hand’t thought anymore of the brief conversation and continued to offer his signature stellar service. After dropping off the man’s check, Ben returned to collect his payment.

The receipt totaled a whopping $872.87. Paired with the $750 tip was a note that read, “Hopefully, this can get you back to Ireland for the holidays.”

Unfortunately, the diner left before Ben had a chance to thank him for the good deed. However, that didn’t stop the grateful couple from recognizing the man’s generosity. Taryn uploaded a photo of the receipt with the caption “truly blessed.”


“Thought I would share it to show everyone that there is not only hate out there,” Taryn wrote.

Baby boy Killian and his parents would make the trip to Ireland after all, thanks to one man’s pure act of kindness.

Source: Fox News