Heroic Stranger Saves Man from Burning Car With Just Moments to Live

A man sits unconscious trapped inside his burning vehicle. A complete stranger would come to his rescue.

In the parking lot of a shopping center in Santa Clara, California, a car was suddenly engulfed in flames. The driver was still inside. Before he passed out, the man had been revving his engine so intensely it had created a spark.

“We just felt the heat, there was a lot of noise coming out of it like hissing, like it was about to explode or something,” witness Leo Pekker said.

Witnesses refused to help the man and continued to record the event, chat amongst themselves, or run as far away as possible. Then, one brave soul stepped in.

Confused by everyone’s lack of urgency, Aram Harutyunya immediately noticed the seriousness of the situation. Running over to the car, he quickly grabbed the incoherent man by his shirt and dragged him from the vehicle.

“Nobody was pulling him out. I figure we don’t pull him out, he’s going die so, why not me,” Harutyunya said.

Thankfully, the man behind the wheel suffers no injuries. It was determined he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident. He is eventually charged with a DUI as well as arson.


“He had his eyes open and he was sort of looking around and you could see he was totally lost,” Pekker said.

That fact didn’t change Harutyunya’s thoughts on saving him.

“I wouldn’t leave somebody in a burning car. It’s impossible,” he said.

People in the community are calling him a hero. Harutyunya, extremely humble, isn’t quite comfortable with the term. In his eyes? He did what anyone else would have done: the right thing.

See the entire event play out in the video below.

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Source: ABC News