Stranger At Denny’s Changes the Life of Single Mom Waitress While Paying for 7 Families

After losing his entire family, one man pays it forward to a complete stranger.

One day in Utah, a man (identified only as VanNess) enters the well-known breakfast chain, Denny’s. After being greeted at the door, the man has an odd request. He would like to be served by a waitress who also happens to be a single mother.

The hostess granted his request and showed the man to his table. She informs him Crystal, his server, will be by shortly.

Over the next 2 hours, VanNess just sat. He seemed to be content simply observing the families dining in the restaurant with him. Crystal stops by every so often to check on him and they exchange a few words. Eventually, he ordered a modest meal, his bill only totaling $21.

The mysterious good samaritan changed the life of a single mom

After the majority of diners had cleared out of the restaurant, the mysterious man finally prepares to leave. Crystal handed VanNess his bill and returned moments later to collect his payment. Crystal is shocked at what she finds.

The good samaritan had not only paid in full but had left her a tip of $1,500, after he paid the bills of 7 other families dining that day. The total was well over $1,000. VanNess’ seemingly “odd” request upon entering the restaurant was purposeful. The generous man’s intentions were revealed.

“I grew up with a single mother of six… I watched and suffered for years as I watched her work her hands to the bone to give us a good life,” VanNess says.

Crystal, was in fact a single mother struggling to find a home for her and her young son. After his grand gesture, a burden was lifted off her shoulders. At the end of his visit, Crystal asked the man why he had done such a thing and was brought to tears at his response.

“Family is everything, I’ve lost all mine,” VanNess said.

See the moving Facebook post Crystal publishes in honor of VanNess.

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Source: Fox 26 News