Stranger Hands Mom This Note on a Train – Look at What it Said

When in public, it can sometimes be terrifying to be a parent of a  young child. There’s no way to really know how your children are going to react when they are in public, and there’s nothing worse than your child beginning to throw a fit or act out. For this one mother, she had a wonderful train ride with her young son, and a stranger took notice.

Samantha Welch is a 23 year old single mom with a three year old son named Rylan who can sometimes be very boisterous and loud. They were recently on a train when she was trying to keep Rylan occupied until he could fall asleep. She brought many activities for Rylan including different games, just talking to each other, and even some activities to work on Rylan’s manners.

A man who was wearing sunglasses and a hat entered the train and Samantha made room for him to sit near them, and continued to work with Rylan. The man quietly observed, unbeknownst to this young mother. Eventually, Rylan did fall asleep in her lap. The stranger got off on his stop, and when passing Samantha, he picked up a piece of paper that he told her she had dropped, and then exited the train.

Samantha didn’t think she had dropped the paper, but she accepted it and read it anyway. Inside, she found a note from the stranger that discussed her parenting. The note told her that she was a “credit to your generation” and was doing a fantastic job of teaching Rylan manners. It even gave her some money and told her to “have a drink on me.” It was signed “The man on the train at table with glasses and hat.”


Apparently the man even had a daughter that was Samantha’s age, and he commented that he hoped his daughter was as good of a mom as she was.

Samantha then took to social media to try and find this man. She ended up finding him! He even met Rylan again, officially! How cool.

How sweet! I’m sure Samantha was so encouraged!

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