“Stomach Pains” at Walmart Checkout Line End in Baby Delivery Inside the Store

It’s every pregnant woman’s nightmare. You’re out and about, running errands, and suddenly you start having contractions. Before you can even get out of the store after paying for your items, you’re in full blown labor.

This is the story of what happened to one woman in Utah recently. On a Sunday, she was at Walmart in the checkout line when she suddenly went into labor. She paid for her items but didn’t make it out the door before the baby was born right inside the store.

Many bystanders and Walmart employees had to do the best they could to assist the woman as she went into labor and the paramedics had not arrived. She insisted on paying for her items, and fifteen minutes after the items were paid for, there was a baby boy in his mother’s arms, and some very confused paramedics.


The woman’s name was Cecilia Rivas, and she had been pregnant before. When she was in the line and her symptoms began, she assumed she was just having stomach problems. At least, that’s what the employees thought. But due to a lack of Spanish speaking employees, there was some serious trouble understanding what the poor woman was saying. It was very clear, however, that she was not going to leave the store without paying for her items, regardless of her current pregnancy state. Those who were present during this ordeal grabbed as many clean towels and items that seemed helpful as they could – not having much time to prepare.

Thankfully, when the paramedics arrived to see the woman and her new baby, both baby and mother were healthy. They were then transported to a hospital nearby hospital to get completely checked out and to be taken care of.

What a crazy way to enter the world! That Walmart will never be the same.

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Credit: Fox5 DC