Stepdad Sells Dream Car for Wedding – What Happens Years Later Is a Miracle

Her stepdad sold his prized possession to pay for the wedding to her mother. Kristin knew she would repay him one day, she just didn’t know when.

Kristin’s mother and stepdad, Dave, shared a connection most people fantasize about. It was clear from the start they were the perfect family.

“My first memories of him are playing barbies with me and reading to me. He coached every softball team I was on and came to every Karate tournament,” Kristen remembered.


When it was time for her mom to put on the big white dress, there were no questions asked. Dave was prepared to give up the most important thing he ever owned to accommodate his bride’s dream wedding.

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Dave poses with his Porsche before the wedding to Kristin’s mother

That was a 1973 Porsche 914, the dream car he had been collecting for years. Kristin still remembered the the ‘glow’ Dave talking about his precious collector’s item. Showing it off to her mother was the highlight of his day.

Instead of spending time rebuilding the engine or ordering new rims, the stepdad prepared the cherished car for sale. Slowly but surely, it was separated into parts. Finally, the big day arrived. Dave and his bride said ‘I do,’ marking the start of their fairytale life together.

After high school graduation, 18-year-old Kristen joined the military and headed overseas. The young woman returned with a G.I. bill…and a 1973 Porsche 914.

In possibly the most epic Father’s Day gift in history, Kristen handed her stepdad the keys to the precious vehicle. 

Dave was speechless. The final verdict: Kristin deserved the “stepdaughter of the year award,” according to Dave.

Watch the video below to see his heartfelt reaction.

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