This State’s First Lady Takes Waitress Job To Help Her Family

Ann LePage, the wife of a United States governor, waited tables at a hometown restaurant. Why? She needed extra cash to purchase a new truck.

Ann’s husband is Gov. Paul LePage, the governor of the state of Main. Unfortunately, he is at the very bottom of the barrel when it comes to pay scale.

The average salary of a governor starts at $130,000 annually. Only grossing $70,000 a year, he is currently the lowest paid governor in the United States.

The LePage’s daughter had reportedly made a good living working at a restaurant the summer before, averaging $28 an hour. In an effort to scrape up extra cash, Ann followed in her footsteps.

In her own words, waitressing was something she “always wanted to do.” The nearby seafood restaurant, McSeagull’s was perfect. It had a view of the harbor and great food.

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Main's first lady serves coffee at the local seafood restaurant


For months, no one had even suspected she might be the state’s first lady. Not wanting to flaunt her political purse strings, Ann decided to only reveal herself to customers who specifically asked.

Then, a news reporter recognized her as the governor’s wife. Her story goes viral. When interviewed about her opinion of the state’s first lady, Ann’s boss, general manager Jackie Barnicoat, gives her rave reviews.

“She’s an amazing employee,” Barnicoat says. “I’m a big fan; love having her on board.”

Ann offers her opinion as well.

“Because of who I am and who I’m married to, I want to work extra hard just so I can show them I can do the job,” she said.

At the end, she playfully adds, “It’s all about the money, girl.”

Source: Washington Post