Son Surprises Mother After Surviving Cervical Cancer with the Home of Her Dreams

One Mother’s Day goes down in history after her son buys her a home.


As a single mother, Mrs. Luangrath never took time off. Everyday of the week she worked countless hours providing food for the neighborhood market and caring for her young son, Michael. Since he was a child, Michael remembered his mother’s life centering around others. That fact never changed, even after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

“I slowly saw her deteriorate, I saw her become a shell of the person she once was,” Michael said.














Mrs. Luangrath eventually won her battle with cancer and made a miraculous recovery. However, the cost of expensive treatments, doctors visits, and medications piled up. She was left with a mountain of bills and forced to work night and day at the restaurant she owned in Las Vegas. Sadly, the mother was too far behind. The woman ended up selling her home and moving to a tiny apartment.

Michael knew, without a doubt, his mother deserved everything good in life. That upcoming Mother’s Day, he created a memory she would never forget. The young man decided to replace the home she cherished dearly. After scouring the market, Michael submitted an offer on a house she would fall in love with. The offer was accepted.


That Mother’s Day, Micael drove to his mother’s work, picking her up to “show her something.” After her son informed her she was the proud new owner of a gorgeous house, the woman was brought to tears. Michael made sure to offer a sincere speech.

“I am the man I am today because of you,” Michael said. “So I just want to thank you.”

See the moment Mrs. Luangrath discovers she’s a homeowner in the tearjerker below.

Source: Daily Mail