Son Returns from 9-Month Long Military Deployment – The Pilot Flying Him Home is Hiding a Surprise

Lieutenant Mario Lopes was traveling home from his first deployment after nine long months in Kuwait. He had no idea there was a special surprise waiting for him aboard the plane.

Pilotting his son home was one of the best moments of his career over 40 years

The boy’s father (also named Mario) had been a United Airlines pilot for the past forty years.  When Mario Sr. noticed the airline was scheduled to land a military charter in the family’s hometown of Virginia Beach, he immediately volunteered for the job. He would be the one to pilot his own son home. For months he kept the surprise a secret. Finally the big dig arrived.

“I was awestruck when I saw him. When our bus pulled up next to a United 777 in Kuwait I thought about how cool it would be if Dad could fly us home,” Mario Jr. said. “I figured it was impossible because as far as I knew he was in Virginia Beach waiting for me!”


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A fellow soldier made sure to film the entire event. As soon as the father and son locked eyes they shared an emotional moment, embracing for minutes without letting go.

“It’s absolutely the best surprise I’ve ever had. As great as it is being back in the U.S., that was certainly the best thing to happen to me,” Mario Jr. said.

Enjoy the moving moment that father and son lock eyes for the first time in over  months.

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Source: Fox News