Soldier Chats with Stranger in Airport-What Happens Next is the Ultimate Thank You

A U.S. Army soldier would get the ultimate thank you from a man he only met once.

Army man Glascott was scheduled to return home from his 7-month-long deployment in Iraq just in time to celebrate his young son’s birthday. The family had planned a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge and were excited to spend some quality time together.

On his journey home, Glascott was confronted by a stranger in the Atlanta, GA airport during one of his many layovers. As the military man was dressed in uniform, he frequently drew a lot of stares. One man in particular, Brad, initiated quite a conversation with Glascott. He was especially interested in his son’s birthday trip.


When it came time for the two to say their goodbyes, Brad requested Glascott’s address so he could send the appropriate “thank you” for the man’s service. Without hesitation, he wrote it down for the man and continued on his journey home. His family was thrilled to see their husband and father.


Glascott’s son’s birthday trip had finally arrived. The family packed their bags and headed to the much needed weekend away. Upon checking in at the hotel, Glascott received the shock of his life. Brad, the mysterious man in the airport, had paid for the family’s trip in full. He had left a little note saying “Thank you from Atlanta.” The family couldn’t believe their ears.

See the emotional story in Glascott’s own words in the clip below.

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Source: Little Things