Woman Gets the Ride of Her Life After She’s Dumped in a Garbage Truck

One woman’s potential nightmare was prevented by her knight in shining armor.

After a chilly night in Florence, Kentucky, a woman down on her luck climbed into a dumpster seeking heat and warmth. The woman, seriously lacking sleep, wasn’t able to stay awake and quickly went to bed. Little did she realize, she would wear out her welcome quite soon.

Early that next morning, around 7 am, the trash bin at the local Steak-n-Shake restaurant was picked up and emptied into a dump truck. The driver continued on his journey, completing the regular stops on his route.

The woman in the back quickly awoke. She became immediately terrified and unsure of how to react. All she could do was scream and hope someone heard her desperate cries for help.

After he realizes a woman is trapped inside, the truck driver immediately comes to the woman's rescue

After he realizes a woman is trapped inside, the truck driver immediately comes to the woman’s rescue

Thankfully, her life was spared. The driver, after making another routine stop, heard pounding and a ‘hammering’ sound coming from the truck. Thankfully, he hadn’t used the compactor as it was too early in his route to need it.

Instantly, the driver stopped to investigate. Sure enough, he found the woman, scared for her life. Immediately, he called for help and waited until paramedics arrived.

“I got out to open up the gates and there’s a woman in my hopper,” the driver said. “… I mean it’s hard to understand her, but she said she was sleeping in the dumpster because she was cold.”

The woman wasn’t hurt and miraculously managed to walk away without a scrape. It looked as though her luck had changed in the last 24 hours. One woman’s knight in shining armor turned out to be an orange cautionary suite.

Watch the newsworthy story unfold in the footage below.

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