Single Dad with Struggling Past Decides that Waitress Deserves a Big Tip

They say that everyone is struggling with their own issues, so we should be kind to everyone. This dad takes that to a new level when he recognizes something in this waitress’s eyes to himself. Sean Whalen is a single dad that came from a home with a past that was not always ideal.

When he was about six years old (which is how old his son is now), his mom finally left his dad after he became abusive. She took Sean and his brother out of the house to protect them. But after they left, his dad refused to let them come back even to pick up their things. They ended up needing a police escort just to get into the house in order to pick up their belongings. His dad also drained their bank account, leaving his mom with only the cash she had in her pocket to restart and create a better life.

When she left that environment, Sean’s mom began to work multiple jobs, doing anything she could to provide for her two boys. While he appreciated her hard work for them then, he didn’t really begin to understand it until he was older and became a single parent himself. This “hustle” as he calls it, that he saw in his mom is what he saw in the waitress when he and his son went to eat one night.


Sean and his son like to frequent a Chinese restaraunt that is close to their home, even though it appears to be somewhat shady. One night when they went to eat, their waitress was a white woman, when all the rest of the staff are Chinese. She was working extremely hard and was very sweet to Sean’s son, even complimenting Sean on his son’s manners. When he saw how hard she was working and found out she was a single mom, it really hit home for him and he decided to help her the way he could.

His bill was almost $27, and he left her a $100 bill to pay for the meal and the rest for her tip. That’s a $73 tip! When she saw what he had done, she wept. Sean really touched her with his generosity.

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