She Was Too Sick To Attend Her Favorite Concert, So This Artist Came To Sing By Her Sick Bed

It’s every teenager’s dream to have their absolute favorite singer to sing directly to them. Many of us act like each song is directed towards us anyway, regardless of if we actually know our favorite celebrity personally or not.

For one teenager, this became a real life experience.

For one 15 year old, she had tickets to her favorite band, Florence + The Machine for months before the concert, but as the concert neared, her chances of going dwindled. Because of her current fight with cancer, her health was so questionable that her doctors decided it was in her best interest to not go to the concert. The teen was devastated, so her family and friends and even doctors began plotting a way to somehow make it somewhat better.

The Hospice Austin Staff and Christopher House decided to take the chance and try to reach out to the singer and see if there was any possible way that she could give one of her extremely devoted but sick fans (and others within the hospice) a private concert.

The craziest part came when Florence agreed! It was planned and looked forward to by many, but also with this excitement came the nervousness of “What if they don’t show?” Knowing how devastated the poor teen would be, they tried their best to stay positive in case something did happen and the band was unable to make it.

Thankfully, Florence + The Machine did come, and played the teens favorite songs, and sang right to her. It was one experience that no one involved in could ever forget. The teen and Florence herself sang together in what was later called “beautiful harmony.” The teen’s dream of seeing her favorite band was not only fulfilled, but absolutely blown away.

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What an awesome, awesome experience! Thank you Florence + The Machine for giving this young girl a perfect, dream-like memory!

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