She Was Rushed to Hospital for Kidney Stones, She Came Out A Mother

One woman’s abdominal pain turns out to be an unexpected delivery.

Stephanie and Michael Jaegers were a happy couple living in Atalanta. However, Stephanie hadn’t been in such a good mood recently. She was experiencing constant and severe cramping in her abdomen.

Her best guess at what could be causing it? Kidney stones. The pain became worse and worse. Once it was intolerable, the couple made the decision to seek medical attention and drove to the nearest emergency room. There, they got some shocking news.


Michael with his 4th “surprise” child

Upon arriving at the hospital, a CT scan was ordered for Stephanie to confirm the diagnosis of kidney stones. As soon as doctors examined the woman’s stomach, the word “ultrasound” was mentioned. Shortly after, the staff at Piedmont Henry Hospital told Stephanie that she was 38 weeks pregnant….and in labor.

“There are no words to describe the range of feelings associated with being told that you’re having a baby — in 30 minutes,” Michael said.


After a routine delivery, the couple welcomed their fourth child, baby boy Shaun Jude Jaegers. Even though his presence wasn’t planned, the parents were excited to grow their family by one more.

“We are both still in complete shock over the events of the last few hours and appreciate the prayers and well wishes,” Michael said. “Now to fit 9 months of pre-planning into 2 days!”

Share in the family’s new bundle of joy by watching the clip below.

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Source: Huffington Post