She Was Pulled Over, Speeding to See Dying Son – Four Officers Create “Assembly Line” to Drive Her 300 Miles to See Him

After hearing her son was in the ICU in a Utah hospital, one mother received a very courteous escort by the officer that pulled her over.

Helen Smith was in a hurry. After the Nevada resident heard her son was in an accident, she got in the car to drive to the Salt Lake City hospital treating him… 350 miles away. Needless to say, the woman was going over the speed limit and caught the attention of one noble Utah State Trooper.


After Helen  “buzzed past,” Jeff Jones pulled the woman over in a routine traffic stop. The 87-year-old obliged…and backed into his patrol car. The woman was nearly hysterical when telling the man she needed to get the ICU right away. After the detailed explanation, Officer Jones determined she was in no condition to be driving. That’s when he called for backup.

Four state troopers would eventually arrive to help the 87-year-old mother get to her son. They organized the pickups and drop offs needed to drive Helen across state lines, 350 miles away.

“Trooper Jones handed Helen off to Trooper Jared Jensen…who drove her to Utah County. Jensen handed her off to Trooper Chris Bishop…who drove her to Salt Lake County. There, Trooper Andrew Pollard drove Helen all the way to Ogden Regional Medical Center,” Trooper Pollard explained.


Turns out, the kind gesture wasn’t an order. It was the result of a generous man wanting to help.

“Jones was not directed by a supervisor to do this. He recognized an urgent need and provided a solution. He saw this as a service that needed rendered and acted. It was the right thing to do,” an officer stated.

After a “relay race,” the 87-year-old mother finally arrived at the ICU to see her son. Surprisingly, she wasn’t too upset over the multiple transfers.

“I ended up taking four patrol cars,” Helen said. “Four good-lookin’ patrol boys brought me.”

The mother received a warm welcome from doctors and nurses prepared for her arrival.

“To have (hospital staff) there waiting, to hold her hand as we walked into the hospital” Trooper Pollard said, “… it was very, very rewarding.”

Source: Fox News