She Thinks They’re Selling Babies and Calls The Authorities- In Reality They’re Actually Therapy Dolls

Lorain, OH residents, Kathy Cadle and Rachel Smith, were a little surprised to wake up to an officer knocking at their door. They were even more shocked when he asked to see the babies they were selling.

As it turned out, a kind citizen had called 911 upon noticing the women’s’ unique ‘baby creations’ for sale online. It actually made sense, it just wasn’t what it looked like.


Cadle and Smith were selling babies online, baby dolls that is. They design and distribute extremely lifelike representations of infants, known as therapy dolls, to local nursing homes.

“A lot of people who develop dementia, they end up shutting down. They lose that sense of purpose in their life because they have a hard time functioning, and when they introduce the babies, it does something. It gives them purpose again, and they feel like they’re taking care of something, and it brings them back out of their shell,” Cadle said.

Doing nothing more than his job, the police officer requested to see such a creation.


“ … I brought it in. He shook his head…” Cadle said. “I said, ‘Nobody is going to believe this, can you take a picture with me and I can post it?’ He said, Sure, OK.'”

Upon verifying the alleged ‘babies’ were indeed dolls, the cop was on his way after an apology to the sisters for interrupting their day. To the ladies, the visit was more like a compliment! They loved the idea of their dolls looking so much like actual children.

Thanks the officers’ visit, business is booming. They’ve even agreed to contracts half way across the world. It’s true, fate works in mysterious ways.

Check out Cadle and Smiths therapy dolls and watch their inspiring story below.

Source: ABC News