Right Before She Walked Down the Aisle, Marine Brother Returned from Iraq to Surprise Her

One bride gets the best wedding present she could’ve ever imagined after he showed up to surprise her.

A young woman was finally ready to be married. She had found the perfect guy, the best dress, and the ideal location. Only one thing was missing. Sarah’s brother, an active duty U.S. Marine, wouldn’t be there to see his sister walk down the aisle. The two had grown up together, developing a close and special bond. They weren’t just siblings, they were best friends.

Sadly, the young marine hadn’t bee able to get leave from Iraq in time to make the trip. Knowing there was nothing more anyone could do, Sarah and her mother shared tears together the night before her wedding. They vowed to relive the ceremony in pictures and stories once the young man returned home.


Finally, the big day arrived. Sarah had planned a photography session just before the ceremony started and was almost finished when she got the surprise of her life. While posing in her long, white gown, Sarah noticed a man in uniform out of the corner of her eye.

There he was, her beloved brother. With tears of joy running down her face, she reached for a hug. The marine explained he had been granted a rare “one day leave” at the absolute last minute. He was ecstatic at the opportunity to support his sister on her wedding day.


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The marine jokingly reminded his sister to stop crying before her makeup would need “touching up” before the ceremony.

The blushing bride couldn’t have asked for anything more. She was finally ready to get married after the best “surprise of her life.”

See the moment she notices her brother would be a part of her big day in the clip below.

Source: Daily Mail