She Could Have Had a Miscarriage, If Dog She Adopted Hadn’t Done This

They say that dogs have an intuition very similar to that of a woman’s. This one dog, Lola, ended up saving a mom from having a miscarriage at 33 weeks because she alerted her.


Jade Ambrose from Leeds is a 23 year old new mother who almost lost her baby at 33 weeks. She didn’t find out that she was even pregnant until she was almost 20 weeks, and she decided then that she was going to adopt a dog! Jade works in a nursery as a nurse. While she was originally planning on getting the dog at 8 weeks old, she ended up getting the puppy earlier because the mother of the pups was turning on them.

As soon as the puppy came home, she noticed that Lola had an affinity for being close to and sniffing her baby bump! It was like Lola was already loving the baby inside Jade. Lola would even lick her belly when the baby was kicking.


Lola is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, one of the types of dogs that is most misunderstood, people assuming that it is a mean animal. Lola proves that this is definitely not always the case. One night when Jade was 33 weeks old, Lola woke her up by barking repeatedly. While they originally assumed she was barking at something outside, when she woke up she realized that Lola was standing at the bed, barking at her!

Jade then got up to go to the bathroom when she noticed that not only had her water broken, but she was losing blood. She rushed herself to the hospital,  where the doctors told her had she not come in when she did, she would have gone into labor and baby Oliver would have been born premature, increasing the chances of complications and the chances of Oliver having to stay in the NICU in an incubator. They could even have lost the baby.


While Jade doesn’t know if Lola sensed a change in the baby’s heartbeat or if she just had a moment of dog intuition, Mrs. Ambrose is very glad that Lola woke her up and ended up saving baby Oliver. Way to go Lola!

Photos: Benjamin Paul,