10-Year-Old Boy is Bullied for Worn Down Shoes – You Won’t Believe Who Steps in to Help

Shaylynn Hampton woke up on the morning of her 13th birthday, ready for a fun-filled day. However, leaving her room to get some breakfast, she noticed a horrific scene.

Standing in front of Shaylynn’s home, the usual neighborhood kids were organizing a weekend basketball game.

“We leave it (the rim) out here all year long for kids to play, it gives them something to do,” Jackie Workman, the birthday girl’s mother, explained.

Walking by her front door, Shaylynn was disgusted at what she heard and saw.

Some of the other kids were bullying a boy who didn’t look very familiar. 10-year-old Richard was the new kid on the block and wanted to join the early morning game. He simply hoped to make some new friends.

Shaylynn Hampton gives the new neighborhood boy a brand new pair of shoes

The other boys would not allow it. Calling him names, teasing him, and making fun of the fact he was wearing 8-year-old shoes, the kids started to bully the poor boy!

Sadly, Richard wore his mother’s original Nikes, far past their prime and coming apart from the bottom. Unfortunately, money was tight and that was all the boy’s family could afford.

Embarrassed and speechless, Richard sat alone on the curb. What he didn’t know was that Shaylynn had been watching the entire time.

Heartbroken by the mean boys’ actions, the 13-year-old decided to help. Even though it was the morning of her birthday, she was going to be the one giving gifts.

Running back up to her room, Shaylynn reached into her closet and pulled out the signature orange box with a white swoosh on it. Still in her pajamas, the birthday girl headed for the front door.

Shaylynn Hampton says she was bullied when she was younger and doesn't want to see it happen to other kids

Her mother, confused as to why her daughter was going outside so early, proceeded to question the girl. Hearing Shaylynn’s unexpected explanation that “she wanted to make Richard feel better,” Mom was simply heartbroken.

“I felt bad because when I was his age, I got made fun of and I didn’t like that…to stop that feeling for someone else, it made me feel good.”

She gave Richard a $200 pair of Nike Lebron tennis shoes.

Shaylynn’s mom decided to record the entire interaction, unbelievably impressed with her daughter’s act of kindness.

Watch below as she explains how proud she if of her little girl after her act of generosity.

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