Seeing Eye Dog Receives Master’s Degree After Attending Graduate Classes

During the graduation ceremony at The John Hopkins University School of Education, a four-legged pup walked onstage and received her master’s degree.

Carlos Mora had successfully completed four, grueling years at the prestigious Johns Hopskins University. During that time, his seeing eye dog, Kirsch, did as well. The loyal golden retriever attended every morning, afternoon, and night class with her owner, sitting and waiting patiently till the end.


Finally, Carlos earned his Masters of Science in Counseling. It seemed only fitting the pup be recognized for her efforts and hours of hard work. During the spring graduation ceremony, Kirsch suited up…in a full cap and gown. The loyal dog was even given a special introduction before her one of a kind entrance.


“Our last counseling degree graduate to walk across the stage tonight is Carlos Mora and his service dog Kirsch. Since Kirsch sat through every class with Carlos, both will be receiving a master’s degree in mental health counseling. We want everyone to know that Kirsch was not charged for his degree.”


The man and his pup walked proudly across the stage to receive their diplomas. Just like his owner’s authentic degree, Kirsch’s was signed and sealed by the School of Education Dead David Andrews and Vice Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy.

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