See This Elderly Couple’s Airport Reunion That Will Leave You In Tears

Waiting to get his ‘baby back,’ Bernard Mills stood holding a bouquet of roses at the Los Angeles International Airport. Turns out, the couples’ story was even sweeter than the scent of the flowers.

The 80-year-old husband was waiting for Carolyn Ogden, (with candy, of course) after her two-week long vacation.


“I was in love with her from the very beginning,” Bernard said. “We went to church together and started doing everything together, and I loved it, and I guess she did too.”

Surprisingly, Carolyn and Bernard were about to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary. The lovebirds met on eHarmony, coincidentally after their first spouses of 50 years each passed away.


Waiting anxiously for her return, Bernard planned one welcome home surprise his wife wouldn’t forget. In memory of their 2008 wedding ceremony, the man once again broke out the colorful flowers for the love of his life.

“We’re always very aware of each other’s needs and desires,” he said. “I always try to do things she likes…”


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75-year-old Carolyn was shocked at the man’s surprise and welcomed with open arms. After holding an embrace for nearly ten seconds, the loving couple shared a heartfelt smooch or two while attracting the attention of nearby onlookers.


Their reunion embodied the meaning of love…while proving, abscence truly does make the heart grow fonder.

‘I was so excited to see her coming through that door,” Bernard said with tears in his eyes. “…I was like, “Oh boy! I got my baby back again.”‘

See the couple’s heartfelt moment captured on camera!!

 Source: Daily Mail