Watch this Bus Driver Become a Hero For This Little Boy

Ginger Maxville was just an everyday bus driver who was having a normal morning on her Oklahoma bus route as she transported children like every other day. This quickly changed to a nightmare as she heard a strange sound coming from the back of the bus, and then heard the screams of a little girl crying for help soon after.

When she heard the tragic sounds, she pulled her bus over and walked towards the back looking for the problem. What she found was terrifying and adrenaline-inducing. A little boy was choking, and he looked like he was in serious trouble!

The kid had been playing with a coin when he swallowed it. If that wasn’t bad enough, the coin then got stuck in his airway, causing him to choke and lose his airway. As Ginger watched the poor child turn blue and struggle to breathe, she made a split second decision to try and help.

Doing the Heimlich maneuver and following her training, Ginger cared for the child and prayed that it would work. Thankfully it did, and the child was saved from impending harm! The child quickly spit the coin out and began to return to a normal color. Had Ginger not been paying attention and responded as quickly and efficiently as she had, who knows what could have happened. Ginger did not wish to be praised or rewarded for her actions, but when people saw what she had done.. the story quickly spread and she quickly became a hometown hero.

This entire incident was recorded on the bus’s security camera, giving even more credit where credit is due. Knowing that the incident was handled appropriately with no questions is a relief to the family of the child and the community as a whole.

I think we can all agree that Ginger deserves some appreciation for her quick thinking and applying skills she had been taught to turn a nightmare into a relief.

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