School Teacher Catches Glimpse of Rare Albino Reindeer

There are some crazy things in the world. One of those has to be the presence of albino animals – those who, thanks to a genetic abnormality, show no colors. These are few and far between, and aren’t usually seen by the general public.

Siv Poijo, a schoolteacher, was recently on vacation in Sweden when she came across a rare sight. She saw an albino reindeer while driving down the road. Siv enjoys taking photographs, and considers it to be one of her hobbies. When she saw the albino reindeer in its herd, she slammed on her brakes and pulled off onto the side of the road to snap the picture.


The problem with being an albino creature is that they have less ability to camouflage into their environment. There are very few of these white reindeer left in the world, so it was very lucky that she even got to see one of these awesome animals! These animals are so rare, in fact, that they are often involved in many folk lore stories and legends surrounding their ability to bring luck or appearing as a warning.


Regardless of the stories, the fact remains that these creatures are very beautiful, and getting to catch a glimpse of one is definitely a gift! Siv got the chance and the experience of a lifetime when she happened to run into this herd that included the albino reindeer. I’m sure that she would love to go back and have more experiences similar to this one.

Enjoy the video below!