School Arranges “Early” High School Graduation Just So Dying Teen’s Father Can Watch Ceremony

After watching his daughter graduate from high school, one father’s dying wish was granted.

Bob Chambers put up a tough fight in his battle against cancer. Unfortunately, the strain of leukemia proved to be stronger than the frail father. His wife, Melissa, was devastated her husband wouldn’t live to see their daughter, Bethany, receive her high school diploma.
It’s one of the first things that Bethany thought about — ‘Dad’s not going to see me graduate high school’…” Melissa said with tears in her eyes.
In an effort to prevent the devastating thought, Melissa marched down to the Michigan school. Under an extreme time constraint, the mother requested Bethany receive her diploma three months early, to accommodate the family’s dire circumstances. The superintendent offered to do Melissa one better.
“We’re going to do more than a certificate,” the educator said. “We’re going to do a full graduation, Pomp and Circumstance. How does 7 PM sound?”
Bethany couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
“When my mom called and said it was all happening, I was shocked,” Bethany said. “This is …one less thing that he didn’t have to miss.”
The school put together an authentic ceremony, right there in the Chambers’ living room. After the event, Melissa and Bob even hosted Bethany’s high school graduation party, complete with family and friends.
“They dressed me up in a cap and gown, and they had a full table set up with my diploma, my academic award plaque, and they set [everything] up in front of my dad so he could see it,” Bethany stated.
That day, Bethany graduated higher with her father in attendance. Bob Chambers’ dying wish was granted.
“There’s certain things we can’t do anything about,” the loving wife said, “…but he got to see her graduate.”

Watch the high schooler’s graduation in the emotional footage below.

Source: Inside Edition