Santa Grants Little Girl’s Christmas Wish On the Spot-Military Dad Pops Out from the Presents

One military man pulled off an epic Christmas surprise, all thanks to Old St. Nick.

Trent Baskerville was the loving father of two young, gorgeous girls. Deploying to Iraq for nine months was one of the hardest things he ever had to do. When Jordan Baskerville and her younger sister decided to visit Santa at a Tennessee shopping center, Santa Claus wasn’t the only fella they saw.


The bearded man, dressed head-to-toe in red velvet, chuckled loudly with each little girl asking if they had been naughty or nice during the past 12 months. Both of them quickly assured Santa they did indeed deserve presents that year. Jordan knew exactly what to ask for.

“Have my daddy come home,” she said with an honest and innocent voice.


Luckily, St. Nicholas had already delivered that gift. In fact, their special Christmas present was only standing a few feet away. To add a little stage presence to the reveal, Santa asked the two sisters to close their eyes and to not open them until told to do so.


Trent came out of hiding to quietly creep over into his daughters’ view. As soon as Santa gave the signal, the girls uncovered their eyes to see their military father standing directly in front of them.

“Daddy!” Jordan squealed, running into Trent’s arms.

The hug was long overdue, to say the very least. Santa granted the girls’ Christmas wish.

“It couldn’t be a better feeling,” Trent said. “…there’s no words for it,” he said.

See Jolly Old Saint Nick come to the rescue in the touching Christmas Miracle.

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