Restaurant Owner Has Best Response To Guest’s Note Complaining About Christmas Music

The food was great, the service -excellent! But the music? Terrible! Well, according to one guest. Leaving a nasty note for the restaurant owner, a displeased customer explained their holiday music was simply ‘offensive’ and ‘religious themed.’ What was the restauranteur’s response? It’s Christmas!


Michael Lugo quickly jumped to explain his intentions weren’t to ‘push’ his religious beliefs on anyone; the restaurant owner simply wanted to bring some holiday cheer to the likes of Michael’s Tasting Room.

“We are a pluralistic nation and a free society – part of the deal of life in America is we see, hear, and experience all kinds of different speech, art, culture, etc.,” the man explained online. “We will continue to be us, it’s worked well for ten years…”


Apparently, a lot of individuals who agreed with the businessman. After Michael posted a photo of the restaurant’s ‘feedback’ to Facebook, loyal patrons decided to join in on the fun.

Shortly after, sarcastic, yet cheerful words rushed in.


Guests who heard the preposterous complaint were inclined to leave their own form of feedback. Surprisingly enough, Michael received comments from a uniquely diverse group of people.

From religion, to race, to gender, customers let it be known no matter what their background, the Christmas music wasn’t a problem. Quite the opposite actually, the patrons enjoyed Michale’s Tasting Room’s homey atmosphere and holiday feel.

The customer complaint actually worked towards the owner’s advantage. Since the simple Facebook post, business has been booming! Appreciating his good fortune, Michael had sympathy for another.

“Maybe this person is really hurting because they lost a loved one during Christmastime. Maybe they were having a really hard day,” the man said. “I don’t think they should be condemned to hell for making a suggestion! I think Jesus would have compassion.”

Check out the Christmas story in the news clip below!

Source: ABC News