Rescued Homeless Dog Becomes Pet-Friendly Restaurant Critic

Every day, there are thousands of dogs that die a sad death in animal shelters – either born into captivity or abandoned at the hands of heartless people or those who simply couldn’t care for them. There are many stories of rescue and adoption of these animals, but not enough to make up for those who are still left in that dire situation.


Ivy Diep wasn’t looking for another dog when she visited the animal shelter that she frequents. But when she found Popeye, he was a complete wreck. He was skinny, extremely dirty, and his fur was even matted from lack of care. It broke her heart that no one wanted him, so he ended up coming home with her, even though she already had a house full of dogs.

Popeye quickly wormed his way into everyone’s hearts – including the hearts of her dogs, her husband, and her friend.


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Ivy has a friend named Jen who she goes on “Instagram dates” quite often. They go out to eat at a restaurant, and they take pictures of their food for Instagram! Well after the introduction of Popeye into Ivy’s life, he quickly made the duo a trio. He was just so cute and loved to go out, that they began to take him with them on their “dates!”


He was so, so cute, that Jen encouraged Ivy to create an Instagram account just for Popeye! So this stray who had once been abandoned and unloved, eating what he could find when he could find it, is now going on “Instagram dates” all over LA with his mom and her friends. While he may not always get to eat the cuisine of the restaurant, he will always enjoy the experience of being out and about, and will get to try the things that aren’t bad for him. If there isn’t anything that he is able to eat, his mom always makes sure to bring him treats to give him something to eat!


How awesome!