Rescue Kangaroo’s Favorite Thing is to Give Her Rescuer Hugs

Animals know exactly when they are getting rescued. They may not completely understand, but the moment that they are rescued is a moment they always remember. And usually, that means that they grow to be attached to whoever rescued them.

This kangaroo is no exception. She was rescued 10 years ago! Her name is Abi, and as stated before she is a kangaroo. She is known around The Kangaroo Sanctuary (where she lives) in Alice Springs, Australia as “Queen Abi” where she reigns supreme. Her full name is actually Abigail! She is loved by everyone who comes into contact with her!


When she was only a little baby kangaroo (joey, as they’re called), she was rescued, and has lived in the sanctuary since then. That was nearly ten years ago! Ever since she was rescued, she has taken it upon herself to hug her rescuers every time she sees them! While most kangaroos are skittish and stay away from humans (some even become territorial and aggressive), she is always up for a good hug. When she’s not hugging her human friends, she is out exploring the Sanctuary with her kangaroo friends! She enjoys hopping around in the big group all around the sanctuary.


Everyone loves to get their hug from Abi, and now she’s become an internet sensation for it! Watch the cute video below!