Real Life Indiana Jane Breaks Daredevil Adventure Record

Everybody likes a good adventure, right?

Well for Alison Teal, she takes that idea to a new level. People are calling her the real life “Indiana Jane.” She is 30 years old, and she had been on numerous adventures around the world.


Recently she decided she was going to take her electric pink surfboard 150 meters under the ground to surf the Catacombs of Paris, the home of nearly 6 million skeletons. It is believed that she is the first person to have done this. She has been on adventures that included traveling to 40 different countries across the world.

On this latest adventure, she was filming and photographing every piece of the event, but had to stop filming when the adventure became much more complicated, and even potentially life threatening. The caves became narrower and narrower the further they went into them, and she and her crew realized after taking the pictures, that the water level had risen and they could no longer go back the way they had come. This meant that they had to swim through the cavern with only a very small gap in the top of the chamber they used to breathe.


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It quickly became about survival for this young adventurer and her crew. She is now warning others to not try and take on this mission, because of the dangers involved. She was talking about the fact that although there was months of prep for this mission and she had professional guides and help, she was still put into a position where she feared for her life. She warned that even those who are survival experts shouldn’t attempt to do what she did. She made it very clear that it was a complicated adventure – where one wrong turn would get you completely lost, because the catacombs are very similar to a maze.

This real life Indiana Jane can keep on adventuring and just showing me the pictures, thanks! Good luck Alison!

Photos: Caters News