What This Puppy Has Gone Through Will Inspire & Tear You Up At the Same Time

Holly is just five weeks old, but she’s already experienced a life of pain.

She had a broken leg that needed to be fixed promptly when she was brought into a North Carolina animal control shelter with her mom. It was either that or she’d be euthanized. But as is common with some saving centers, the shelter was out of emergency resources. Fortunately, Adopt an Angel was willing to assist.

She was rushed to the veterinarian but sadly, it was too late. It was instantly amputated. But that is not where the poor girl’s narrative finishes…one of the veterinarian’s office workers took her in and Holly started to flourish!

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(via Petcha)

Look at that small pup go! She is a fighter and will not stop…great for her! She is an inspiration to everyone who has gone through a adversity — proving you can come out stronger than ever.

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