Puppy and Cheetah Meet Through a Sheet of Glass Then Become Instant BFFs

Unlikely pairings are probably my favorite. This cheetah cub was abandoned at birth, because usually there are 3-5 cheetah cubs born. It is normal when there is only cub born for the mother to abandon the cub.


The San Diego Zoo Safari Park named the poor cub Ruuxa, and knew that they would have to find her a companion pretty soon. They found a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy that was 8 weeks old and decided she would be a perfect companion for Ruuxa. They had no idea just how quickly the two would bond, and how strong that bond would be even before they met face to face. They introduced the pair through a sheet of glass to see how the meeting would go. It was love at first sight.


The two refuse to be apart. Ruuxa had to have surgery recently on her legs due to an abnormality called chondrodysplasia, when the legs grow into a boy shape meaning that Ruuxa cannot run or play. When the surgery occurred, the two friends would not be apart.

They wanted to be together even through that. It has been seen that Ruuxa is much more calm when Raina, the puppy, is around. Thankfully the two have no plans on being separated ever because of the wonderful staff at the zoo who realize that Ruuxa needs her closest ally to deal with difficult and new situations and surroundings.


This unlikely hero, Raina, saved Ruuxa the pain of abandonment and loneliness, and thankfully they both will now be able to be best friends forever.

Photos: San Diego Zoo