Premature Baby Grows Up and Comes Back to See His Old NICU Nurse

Medical miracles happen every day. Especially in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The nurses, doctors, and all healthcare workers work their hardest to save these tiny humans from demise. Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned, but for many it does. There’s nothing more miraculous than seeing what was once a 3 pound baby grow up into a young child, or even a teenager.

Connor was born at 27 weeks old at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. His parents were so thankful for the continued support and help that they received and the level of care that they experienced while their young baby boy was in the hospital. Sarah, his mother, had to have an emergency delivery in which both he and Sarah were at risk. While both survived, baby Connor was born at only 2 pounds, and had to spend a full 65 days in the NICU. Nurse Gwenn was his nurse during this time period, and she was a blessing to his parents, and to Connor himself.

She was a wonderful caregiver who went beyond the call of duty in caring for this sick baby. She apparently even sewed tiny outfits for the-then-2 pound baby Connor, since he was so very small.

Now, flash forward to four years later, Connor is a healthy, thriving, and boisterous four year old. His family decided that they wanted to return to the NICU where Connor spent so many of his beginning days, and visit the nurse that made such an impact on all of their lives: Nurse Gwenn.

Gwenn was told that she was needed to attend a meeting, not having any clue that she was about to see Connor face-to-face as a young toddler – for the first time since she had treated him when he was only a small baby.

Watch the video below for a sweet, tear-jerking moment!

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