Police Respond to Noise Complaint to Find Groom and Friends Practicing Secret Dance

I’m sure a lot of cops have responded to noise complaints. But they probably didn’t have the type of experience Sgt. Todd Burnside did when he responded to one of these calls.

When he arrived on the scene, he found a group of young men huddled together outside of an apartment complex. He approached them and asked them if they were having a party – and that’s when he was told that they were having a “secret dance practice.”

This group of men was not just simply a group of friends. It was David Opegbemi with his groomsmen, and they were practicing their secret dance for the bride of the upcoming wedding. They were keeping the dance a secret, in order to surprise the bride on her and David’s wedding day. What a sweet story!

They then asked the Sergeant if he wanted to see the routine. Of course he agreed, and they showed him the cutest dance to the old Temptations song, “My Girl.” They told him there were 4 weeks left until the wedding, and they were practicing very frequently in order to get it together.

The entire encounter was caught on Sgt. Burnside’s body cam. He then shared the fun experience on the Facebook of the Carollton Police Department. He encouraged everyone to expect this kind of experience from cops – people being people, trying to protect and serve those that they care for.

This great encouraging story is already going viral. And as for the bride, we heard that she absolutely loved the dance that her groom and all of his friends put together and practiced for so many weeks. I’m sure she appreciated it even more when she found out that they got the cops called on them!

Way to handle the situation, Sergeant.

Watch the entire awesomely cute, encouraging video below.

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Photo: Temi Coker