Couple of 54 Years Pawn Wedding Bands to Put Food on the Table- Police Department Hunts Them Down Only to Give Them Back

Police officers try to piece together an elderly couple’s memory of each other.


The Cornwall police officers of Canada responded to a very strange call. Dispatch called it a “domestic dispute.” When law enforcement arrived on the scene, they thought it was anything but. They were met at the door by a very elderly couple who seemed quite confused.

The husband and wife had been a couple for nearly 54 years. Recently, they’d fallen on harder times after the elderly woman was diagnosed with dementia. In an effort to put food their table, the husband admitted to pawning the couple’s beloved wedding bands.


Cornwall police officers were touched by the tragic story. In an effort to alleviate some of the stress and pain, they came together to create a care package for the couple. Pooling their resources, they were able to donate $150 worth of groceries to the husband and wife.

More importantly, they wanted to return the pawned wedding bands back to the the husband and wife. After a little research, police officers finally located the correct shop. Their $130 price tag was money well spent.

The married couple couldn’t believe the law enforcement team had gone to such lengths simply to retrieve two simple gold bands.

Members of the Cornwall police department understood the couple’s engagement rings served as reminders of their love for each other. They contained the memories that could piece the husband and wife together through the tough times.

Source: ABC News