You Won’t Believe the Reason This Man Walks 4 Hours to Work Everyday

police good deed police story

This feel good story may force you to break out the tissues. Witnessing a young man’s dedication, California police officers came together to change his life forever.

Late one night, Corporal Kirk Keffer spotted a young man, later determined to be Jourdan Duncan, walking on the side of the road.

“Usually in the industrial area, there’s no foot traffic, so it was kind of weird to see someone walking around on foot,” he remembers.

Stopping to double check the kid was alright, Keffer dove a little further into the situation. Jourdan informed the policeman he traveled on foot to and from his job. The eight-mile journey took him an astonishing four hours everyday.

That night, he happened to be on his way home.

police offer good deed act of kindness

Touched at the boy’s explanation, Keffer offered Jourdan a ride home on the spot! During their time together, the kid shared a bit more of his story.

The teen volunteered to walk to his job for a simple reason: it allowed him to save money for a college education.Keffer decided that information was worth spreading and instantly informed his co-workers of the young man’s enthusiasm and strong work ethic.

After a unanimous vote, it was determined Jourdan deserved some recognition. The Benicia Police Department purchased a bike for the teen, lifting a monumental weight off his shoulders.

Once the group presented Jourdan with the gift, he could barely contain his excitement.

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In the heart warming group Facebook photo, Keffer offered a kind reminder.

“You never know someone’s story until you talk to them,” the officer said. “…A young man moved our officers to help him with his future.”

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police good deed police story