Police Department Makes Her Wedding more Special than She Could Ever Ask For

Growing up, every girl imagines dancing with their father on their wedding day, and getting walked down the aisle with him by her side. But unfortunately, that is not always the case. There are many girls who have to suffer the disappointment of not having their father there for their special day, and who have that memory forever. It can put a damper on even the best day.

Kirsten Mundell was the daughter of a police officer. She had the same dream as most other girls, of dancing with her father on her wedding day. Unfortunately, Deputy Walter “Kent” Mundell, Jr. was unable to attend her wedding, due to his death in 2009. He worked for the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department. Nearly six years later, his daughter was getting married and wanted to have the spirit of her father there as much as she could. She left chairs for him at the table in the reception and in the front row during the ceremony. Deputy Mundell was killed in the line of duty, one night while responding to a domestic violence call. He was injured on the scene, and later died in the arms of his family at the hospital.


Kirsten was not alone on her wedding day, however. Don Jones, a Seattle Police detective, walked her down the aisle on her big day. She also asked him to dance with her during the father-daughter dance at the reception. He readily agreed, and the plan was set. But when the reception came around, there was a surprise for Kirsten – one she will never forget.


While she thought she would only be dancing with Mr. Jones during the father daughter dance, she was shocked when someone tapped her on the shoulder, asking if he could butt in. He was a Pierce County sheriff’s deputy, and there were three others there to have the same honor. Kirsten ended up dancing with four different men, all in turn, during her father-daughter dance. There was not a dry eye in the room. The deputies wanted to honor the fallen hero, by making sure his spirit was very present during his beloved daughter’s wedding. And Kirsten got a day she will always remember, in a good way, instead of having to only look at the pain of missing her father during her wedding.

Watch the sweet video below.

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Photos: Angela Lyons Photography