This Girl Had No Idea that Soldier She Was Introducing Was Her dad

A child of someone in the army always lives at risk of having their parent taken from them at any moment. Most have had to deal with their parents being gone (deployed) for extended periods of time, and some were even born with one parent not being there. Although we have means of communication that were not available in the past, it is still hard to live knowing your parents (or one of your parents) is gone overseas, at risk for dying at any moment.

Jason Michael Webb is one such parent. He was deployed when his daughter Haley was born, and has been in the service for 15 years as a combat medic. Throughout Haley’s life, he has been deployed multiple times, and has been gone for periods as long as 18 months away from his family.

On one such long stretch, his daughter Haley was a teenager in middle school. Living in Missouri, they had an annual veteran’s day program that the students would take part in. Haley was asked to read the introduction for the special guest that year, and she had no idea that she was actually reading the introduction for her own father!

The introduction was made after her band performance. It’s about half way through the introduction before Haley starts catching on! But the end result is heartwarming and enjoyable for everyone in the audience. It was even on the news in her home town!

Watch the sweet video below!